Thursday, January 1, 2015

I am back!

I have an explanation. I really do. And it is a good one. Not one about how life for busy, and I just couldn't find the time. No, nothing like that. What happened was this... I was betrayed. For real. Betrayed by the phone I love. *insert dramatic pause* While camping shortly after my last post, I may have dropped my phone. Or it may have jumped. I am not willing to give an official statement. In the end though, the screen was scratched a little. Or maybe it was shattered beyond all recognition into a million and two tiny little pieces. I attempted to have it fixed. I am loyal like that. But in the end the repair person laughed at me a little. So I got a new phone. I expected that we would share the same closeness that I shared with the old phone. And we do. Just in a different way. A "the phone is always right" sort of way. Apparently I am the man in this relationship. Well my new friends decided that blogging really wasn't for her. She logged out, and flat refused to log back in. I would say "log out of other account and into blogging account." And she would laugh, and laugh, and laugh. But o fixed her. I un-synced the other account simply so I could be the blogger I want to be. Just don't tell her. Maybe she won't figure it out.

So, while not blogging I knit. A lot. Still not as much as I wanted, but a lot. That means you will be getting a lot of pictures. Or you could just look at my ravelry.

This is one I knit for my mother for Christmas. The "Olympic national Forest. " I am making it "The Family Tree" though.

A shawl for my sister Melanie.
A shawl for me. Love ez pi. 
 And so many more. I am going to have to pace myself. So onto Current projects:

Finishing up these socks for my friend, Benjamin. It is just a very basic, quick sick pattern.
And knitting this sweater for me. 
Pattern: Jen
Yarn: Llama Lace fingering weight
Needle: size 5
See what I did there? Put details for the only one I can remember.


  1. Love love! I really truly love how the family tree shawl turned out!

  2. Wow! Just wow! Beautiful work!