Monday, January 12, 2015

Meet Bessibelle

We got a cow. Shockingly, this is not the impulse purchases mentioned below. We had been thinking about it, and researching it for a couple of years. Now was the time, so I started looking for a Jersey a few weeks ago, and things just worked out.
Bessie is five, and due to calve in the next week.  The timing was perfect, because we have several goats due to kid, and we raise them on raw cows milk. That gets expensive.. More expensive than buying and maintaining a cow. We also intend to raise her calf for meat. We have big goals to become more and more self reliant. We also intend to use the extra milk from Bessie to drink, make cheese, butter, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream etc.
Meet Bessie.
My daughter has her halter trained already, and my amazing husband set a feeder up just for her. One the goats can't poop in. Yay, best husband ever!!

The minuting is coming along. Slowly. Just switched to the third of for color change . I don't think this week be done by this weekend, and I really wanted to wear it . Maybe I will get a knitting miracle. 

My husband, the amazing one mentioned above, has been making wonderful paleo meals. This is cauliflower mash with a xhicken breast and balsamic reduction drizzle.. Yum. 

These are veggies for an omlet . I thought they were stunnin . Like yarn.. 

Veggies, turkey patty with a little cheese, and salad with the vinaigrette the hubby made. 

This week my daughter also made paleo cookies. To. Die. For.

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