Thursday, April 28, 2016

The blessing day

We blessed our sweet little guy, in The Church of Latter Day Saints when he was six weeks old.
It a thread of its own, because I have knit the outfit, and it was pretty dang amazing. The baby is beyond perfect as well.

This one kills me. He looks like one of those creepy "real baby" dolls.. In an uncreepy way of course. 

Week 6

I have always considered the sixth week to be the end of the newborn stage. I won't lie, my heart is sad. I feel so blessed to have him, but seeing him grow so fast, and watching the time slip by so quickly is hard. I feel that it is so important to really live each moment, and as much as I try, it feels like I have not been able to reallty accomplish that as much as I wouldwould like. Still, I am really loving each minute. 

This week little mister continues to smile, and has started laughing... Well his interpretation of a laugh anyway. It is just a single chuckle before he gets confused.  He also loves the song "bla-lump goes the little green froggy" and will imitate my tongue movements. Doesn't get much more adorablw than that. 
This is a jacket his big sister made him. And the tongue mommy made. 

The mommy also made the hat. 

All better. 

I love these little pants. They make me giggle. 

This is his pepper dog. She loves her boy. 

He is so alert and studies thing like no new baby I have had. Here he is, studying the ceiling fan. Fascinating. 

His favorite activity still. 

I would hate to say it outright, but Santa ain't got nothing on this baby. Belly!!!

He still does a fair share of this adorableness. 

Wearing the pants I hated to knit. 

Yes, totally worth it. 


 Our first blow out. It was rather impressive,
And just kept going,

And going. 

In truth, he probably just wanted to be back in hand knit apparel. 

This is how I shower. Set him on a sheep wool rug. He knows if we try to fake it. No acrylic for this lad. 

So much personality!


And miles,
And miles of smiles,

 And personality.
He isn't fond of the carseat, but his sister is willing to bend to his will. (While not moving, of course)

It is rare that he naps while not being held, so I had to capture the miracle.

His sister stores him, but the truth behind this picture is that I took it

To prove that he wasn't as flat headed and weird looking as this picture with Fredrick the mouse made him appear. 

And then there is this. This right here. This is my favorite picture to date. He loves his daddy so, so much. So do I. I love his daddy more each time I see them together like this. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Week 5

So many smiles this week!!  He had been smiling on occasion for two weeks. Real smiles, but infrequently. Now he smiles over and over. Don't get me wrong, he still cries full time, but these little bits of sin through the clouds are amazing. I can't express how much I enjoy each minute with this little guy.
This was the week of hand-knit goodness.

Indicating that there is not a breast in his mouth, and he does not approve. 

Roar! Dino diapers. His brother loves these. 

 I knit this romper, and he likes it, regardless if what he says here. Lies. All lies.
He prefers to nap on the tap. 

This right here is happy making. The kid loves wool. This is a wool rug that I made. Before laying him on this rug he was screaming like a mad man. Apparently he likes this wool. No DNA test needed. 

This sugar rush romper is so, so super soft. It is pretty dang cute too. Again, ignore his initial opinion.
See? He loves it. Promise. The real problem is that buddah belly. He is so full of air. My poor sweet bubby. 

I really super hatd this outfit after knitting it. I blogged about the reasons why, yet on hom? Adorable, soft and warm. I love it. 

And so does he. We won't talk about how I was pulling blue fuzz out of his rolls for three days though. Even a few baths didn't wash it away. Real staying power, this yarn. 

He is holding his head up like a pro. I have explained to him why this is against the rules, but he is determined to be a bad boy, rule breaker. 

We have had some lovely weather (you have to remember we live in Idaho. 50 dgrees =beautiful) so we have spent a good deal of time on the porch swing. 

This here. This is the best.  This is after a night of screaming, and less than two hours sleep. I absolutely, positively love this little thug. 

 I decided to pump for the first time since his birth. I want to have a bit of gold in the freezer just in case. I got four ounces after feeding him. Moooo... Dairy cow here. I am so thankful for a good supply. Look at that cream! Now if I could get that taken off the jips it would be great. Mmm, thanks.
I have tried and tried to catch his smile. This is the tail end. He stops smiling every time I try to snap a picture, because phones are cool to stare our somber faced. (Or screaming. We do that too, a lot)

More of the good stuff..

MORE clothes from the amazing Aunt. Spoiled. Rotten!

Ugh, this sweetness!

And after a good nap? Finally. I got one of his adorable smiles, between fusses. 

This week we attended our first knit group. Of course we had to wear hand knits. The hat is cashmere. Mmm. Yummy. The cabled jacket is one I knit after making one for a friends little miracle. The connection was too much to pass up. The romper is the same as the one above. 
However, he isn't a huge fan of his carseat. Or several other things. But isn't he adorable?? So much adorable in one little body. 

We then headed to lunch with dad. This was while we were sitting in the car eating. Dad caught me sneaking the picture, so stopped the baby talk, sweetness. Still, I love these times. Dad had crawled into the baxkseat to love on his baby for a bit. 

I can't get enough of this. It goes by too fast. 

In knitting news:
So. Many. Ends!!

Apparently putting buttons on while sleep deprived is not a good idea. Ever. I will call it a design feature. Ironically, I put five on forward, and five backwards. That folks, is a win!