Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And summer it is!

I am loving summer. I love having the extra kids around. I love the freedom of being able to play outside, and do school in the front yard, and having all of the bright new flowers and grass around as eye candy. I love the fresh new begining of Earth starting it's course all over again. AND I love the new projects that I get to try with this new found energy that "normal" people would put to spring cleaning and getting into shape for bathing suits. In my oh so humble opinion my time is better spent stalking Cookie A and trying exciting things like her "Monkey" sock pattern. You know why???

When winter comes my monkey socks will keep my feet warm.. and "normal" people will gain back weight, and mess up the house. See?? I am a step ahead.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Is this what they mean when they say "Grow a pair"??

So when knitting takes over your life it is bound by law to continue on to other fiber addictions. I am pleased to say that I have a new one to keep my knitting addiction company.

My balls.... of roving.

My bottom Whorl drop spindle.

My first finished product.

Spudknit (otherwise known as my 1:00 Wed friend) and I went to a Fiber fest on Saturday. I was so overwhelmed with joy and excitement! Everything was a blur of color. It was like a feast for the senses. Touch, smell, sight. I seriously felt like it was the happiest place on Earth. So much for Disney land, that is where I want to go when I die.

Did I think I would get out of there without a new habit? NOOO.. But I went anyway. I went home after a short lesson on drop spindling. Spudknit went to the library and learned more, then shared her knowledge with me once again.

I began spindling. Then I washed my product in hot water and set it out to dry. I could hardly wait for it to dry, and as soon as it was I dyed it.... with Crystal light... HEY, you CAN do anything with fiber. This fiber is not only beautiful, it is zero calories. I am now happily knitting it into a beautiful headband.

AND as always.. the socks:

My husbands "business" socks. I have no idea how one could do business in something so soft and heavenly. I would not be able to concentrate on a rigid task such as work.

My "gay pride" *giggle* socks. I thought they looked like a tropical fish, but as I knit the product was not what I was expecting. They took me a bit to love, but as soon as I put them on my feet.... Well you know how love works.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The beast has been slayed!!!!

I fought, I cried, I threw many fits, and then I FINISHED! This Afghan has nearly been the death of me the last several days. I had to keep going, I knew I did... but it was so very, very hard. I think the knit goblins kept coming in and violently ripping out and hour or two of my hard work and then nicely replacing the needles so that there was no proof. My children were also against me. They still believe that they need to be feed even when I am knitting. Can you believe that?? The nerve.. BUT in the end I won. Well except for the loverly dropped stitch you can clearly see in the picture. At first I said "You are KIDDING me.. then I said.. That gives it character so I simply can't try to pick it up. That would just be wrong.

And here is one that I just love in the same pattern. Though I will never work with acrylic again unless forced.
AND in some of the best news EVER.. my son, the child of my loins. One of the three most amazing things I have ever made has decided to knit. I am so proud. I taught him yesterday and he has spent many a minute working on it. With his extremely short attention span this is saying something. I also taught him to crochet because the two needles were hard for him to keep a hold of. (note to die hard knitters: I do not condone this behaviour, but if he can gain a love for yarn.. well you see) I could not be more proud than I am. If he told me he was running for president or going to be a Doctor it would not compare to this.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OUch! My heart hurts.

Some days are hard. This has been one of them. I have that elusive baby on my brain. I wish I could see the plan laid out in front of me so that I could just get over it already. I hate the ache I feel in my chest, and I hate the tears that seem to find their way down my cheeks daily right now.

I have my knitting! I love how busy it can keep me. I finished a couple more pairs of socks. I went on a trip and hit a bunch of yarn stores and made some lovely purchases. All in all a very successful trip if I do say so myself. I will post pics of some of my current projects and spoils from both my shopping, and my Knitpick order in a bit.

I read A LOT. I love to read. I think i am going to start talking about my books here. A one sided discussion. Nothing crazy about discussing books to ones self, no? I am about to start Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged". I am also reading A Yarn Harlot book that I borrowed from the 1:00 Wed friend that has become SO much more than just a 1:00 Wed friend. It seems that she and I click and it is so awesome to have a dear friend that gets my addiction.. or got me addicted. Either way...

OK, now for pictures....
My first attempt at baby socks.
The finished Cable "Be Mine" socks. They were so much fun!
The socks I made my son to match the socks posted below that I made for my other son.
Some of what I purchased on my shopping trip. I had great control.. Notice the SOME part... BUT that there is Malabrigo lace!!!!! I am pretty darn excited. The red is sock yarn that is to die for.
AND last but not least:
My latest Knit Pick order. I got a couple of each of those. I did not post pics of my last order. The perfect man has asked me to use the yarn I have before purchasing any more.. I agreed.. but then I found that the wash cloth yarn is on sale at a local store... He will understand. I know he will!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The socks, part two. As promised.

My socks. My first socks. They are wonderful in every way. I love them.


The socks I made for bonus child.


And the pair I made for the baby... I still need to post pics of the yarn I got for these. :P

No baby Noah for us

We did not get the baby. They needed someone to take him today or tomorrow and our home study is not finished. I am truly heartbroken, but I know that if this was our baby God would have made a way. He must belong to someone else. I hope they are wonderful and awesome.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The socks.....

I finished the socks from the yarn I posted down there....

Can I use that as an Excuse for not updating my blog?? I know, I know. It is nto an excuse until the pictures have been posted. I will get to that... if I can remember where exactly I put that pesky camera.

I ordered a bunch more yarn. Shocking, I know. I made a sock for Jacob, and started one for Kyra. I have had about 30 requests for socks since I started wearing mine. I will never catch up.

I am cableing for the first time. I am trying a pattern called "Be Mine" for my daughter. It is not going to bad in my own little opinion. We will see what happens in the next couple of days though.

In other news.... bigger than sock news...

We may be getting a baby. I am not sure. I am so nervous. A friend posted on my MOF bored saying that there was a baby that needed a home. I jumped on it and am trying to stay head above water while putting things together, and trying not to get my hopes up to high. My heart breaks when I think about not getting him, and I am a mess when I think about actually getting him. I really am semi-sane.

I am so sure that our family is not complete. I hurt deep in my chest each day for the baby I am not able to have. My heart hurts for each of the 10 babies we have lost. My eyes sting every time I see a baby, or a pregnant belly. I made dinner for a lady in my ward that just had a baby, and I went to another friends baby shower. I wish I could explain how deep the pain is. How confusing it is to feel joy for another, when feeling such heart ripping pain for myself.

Ahhh, If only life were easy, ey?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dear friend that I meet with Wed at 1:00

A good friend and I meet at 1:00 every Wed to knit for 1-2 hours. It is the time of the week that I most look forward to. My sanity hour if you will. This friend is the one that taught me to make socks.http://spudknit.blogspot.com/ To magic loop. To purl. To do everything except knit. The knitting was taught in a 10 minute period of time at a MOF GWO by neglectedkids. http://neglectedkids.blogspot.com/

So this dear wed friend of mine allowed me to borrow one of her knitpick #2 nickel plated circular to finish a sock.. because I broke mine. When she handed her beloved needle over she said "Just don't break it." OF course I won't!! I will guard it with my life. I swear it! What kind of friend would borrow, then break their dear friends needle. Not me! Certainly not me.

Dear Wed friend,
Your new needles will be here in 4 to 14 days.

To pee, or not to pee?

That is the question.

To my son the answer is "yes." Right off the bed and onto the floor.

For the last several weeks my son's room has smelled like urine. I kept finding wet spots on the carpet, and getting mad at the dog. I have been rather shocked because in the 3 years that we have owned the dog she has never had an "accident." It would seem that the poor dog was taking one for the team. Mr. Perfect heard our son up in his room the other night so he went to make sure all was well. There was my adorable child kneeling on his bed peeing on the floor.

Know of any good odor controllers? Time for new carpet anyway I suppose.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have had "one of those" days. The kind where your heart feels like it will jump out of your chest any second, and your children do not dare come near.

But I am all better now. My long awaited KnitPicks order has arrived! I was just in the process of screaming at my perfect husband for no good reason what so ever when the doorbell rang. The angel in blue carrying a lovely box was standing there waiting to be my new best friend... Or maybe she was walking back to the truck after throwing my package between the door and screen. Either way, I think I am in love.

The whole order:
And because I know you care, piece by piece:
My brand new Nickel plated circular, interchangeable needle set WITH CARRYING CASE!! Booyah! I almost got the Harmony, but the magic loop had me at hello.
My brand new size 2 and size 1 with 24 inch cable nickel plated needles.
AND my brand new Jester multi ESSENTIAL (see, I had no choice but to get it, after all it is essential) sock yarn.
AND *insert proud motherly sniff here* my brand new Felici Patina sock yarn.

Let the sock making begin girls!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Texas what?? And other happenings.

I am trying my hand at Texas hold'em on facebook. It would seem that I am not so good. I am glad that I am only losing virtual money... and maybe a bit of virtual self esteem.

My son turned 7 this week. We had a small party at Leo's. The baby woke up with croup so it was a short party, but a long day. A long night. A long weekend. Steroids do not make short people pleasant.

I am down a few computers, hence the lack of updating. My laptop was murdered by above mentioned baby. Child K put him down for his nap. When she came back to check on him genius baby was playing "Fate" on the laptop laying in bed. (Yes, he is of my loins) So child K took the laptop and set it on the floor next to the bed, then tucked the baby back in. You see where this is going? When the baby woke up he drop kicked the laptop.. kung fu baby. Or maybe he just jumped off of the bed onto it.. either way, it is dead.

And my desktop is on its way out. It only runs when you ask really nice, and tell it you owe it chocolate. However, it does not respond well to threats.... or water. Nooo, not water.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

How it all started

The home-schooling that is.
I home school my children using the K12 program. I never thought I would home school. I sent my first child to public school. OH, the drama to be had! My second child was born when my first child was 5. He was born very ill, and we had a long few years. He just never got well. When he was 4 he was finally diagnosed with PI (Primary immuno deficiency) which is comparable to an auto immune disorder. He always struggled to breathe, and was often hospitalized with low oxygen levels. He had 4 surgeries with in 12 months. He was in sad shape and if he was around people he would get whatever germs were flying around. I knew I could not send him to public school. His health would not take it. I home schooled him his first year and loved it. The next year I brought my daughter home as well. I am so impressed with the program that I intend to school my third child at home next year as well. There are so many things you can do when homeschooling. It is like opening a whole knew world.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "new" and improved???

I lost my old blog when things all switched over to the new Google log in. I was never able to get into my blog again, so here I am. A fresh start is always nice, eh? (no, I am not Canadian)

My old Blog:
I look forward to being able to say "That is SO bloggable" and actually doing it now. YAY... yay for having a sick Internet addiction with a blogging fetish.
Speaking of fetishes....
I learned to knit at a Mof GWO. (An "On line friends" "Girls Weekend Out") and it has become a lovely addiction. At least this one has bonuses after the fact. I am excited to blog about my projects and give updates. I have very little talent, but I appreciate any false praise you wish to bestow upon me.