Thursday, September 20, 2012

Looking forward to the sheep!

Two days. I have not picked up the knitting in two long days. That is a very rare thing. I have been working on soap. Making soap and felting soap. The Trailing of the Sheep is coming up fast, and I am very excited to attend, and to be a vendor. It is going to be incredible. My BFF Jeannette will be attending with me, of course. My sweet, amazing husband will be staying with the kids. I think there is nothing better than being able to be home with my beautiful children, but I can't wait to spend a couple of days away with like minded adults. I know I will come away better, even if we freeze to death.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Saturday I got to spend a huge portion of my day spinning. I was asked to demonstrate at a Heritage Days celebration in another town. I love doing things like this. Some entertaining information about spinning demonstrations: 1.) If a little girls comes up and asks what you are doing, and you explain that you are spinning sheep's wool into yarn, she may not understand the concept and may come back for to eight times and ask you the same questions again. And again. 2.) If a little boy asks if he can try spinning and you say no, that you do not allow others to use your wheel, he may come back thirty to forty times to ask again. And again. 3.) Your daughter's male friend that has been courting her for several years may show up. he may be very helpful and ask that you make sure that your daughter knows exactly how helpful he was. Then you may come home to find that your daughter has been informed that her male friend that has been (and still is may I add) courting her for years has a girlfriend. That he is hiding from her. You may still think he is a great guy anyway though. You just may not want him to continue to court your daughter anymore, not that she was interested anyway. 4.) You may get sunburned. In the shade. 5.) You may get to participate in a "chicken chase" where the prize is... well, a chicken. 6.) You may find that there is a lot of waste from the zucchini boats and that your friend is a wise woman who picks it all up to bring home to feed the critters. 7.) You may find that it is a small, small world and that you will meet face to face a friend's friend that you have become friends with through facebook. You may also find that she owns one of the lambs that you sold to another lady two years ago. You may also find that she brought the ewe with her, and that your ewes make mighty fine offspring indeed. You may also find that her Ravelry name is the same name as your business, which is very clever indeed. 8.) Your best friend may cancel because she has a life. And you may be sad about that. But it will turn out ok. You can get sunburned in the shade without her. Now for knitting: The Gaia is turning out really well. I had planned on sharing pictures, but she had three sets of needles in her, and is being a bit of a contortionist right now. I have the right front, 99% of the back, and 75% of the left front complete. I will finish this last little bit, add sleeves, and a button band, and buttons. Walla, done. (Notice I don't mention blocking. I don't do that whole blocking thing well.)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Skunk in the barn yard

P.U.! This morning I slept in. A lot. I did not pull myself out of bed until 8:00. I admit that I was up and getting the kids breakfast a bit after six, and that I was up with kids more times than I care to admit last night though. I also admit that between 6:00 and 8:00 AM I was out of my bed about 456 times, but I kept on crawling right back in. It was lovely, but alas, I had to get my bum out of bed to start my day. I got dressed and went out to say good morning to the girls. They were all very, very happy to see me. I am sure that it is all because of the deep love they feel for me, and has nothing to do with their very full udders, and empty bellies. I went to get them their hay, and was greeted by a familiar smell. It appears that we have a new pet living in my milking barn. I had my ten year old set a safe trap. I am hoping that we can catch our new pet so that we can safely re-home it. Far, far away. However, I feel fairly certain that I will be releasing several cats before the mighty black and white kitty shows its face. After taking care of that, I cleaned the pasture the girls, and alpacas will be moved into tonight, and then wandered back into the house. I was dragging my feet because I really am feeling lazy, and did not want to come back in and have to start school. I normally adore school, but this morning I was fairly certain that my two year old was smarter than me. Actually, that is probably true on many days, but you get my point. As luck would have it I was spared. I came in to found my kitchen flooded with urine-smelling water. Hmmm. I went upstairs to the boys bathroom, which is directly above the kitchen, to find that the toilet that had not been flushed in at least six years had over flowed and flooded the upstairs. It sure is a good thing that I have a generous kitchen that agreed to take on some of the mess right through the ceiling so that the bathroom didn't have to go it alone. I also found myself in luck. What better excuse to skip school today? Yes, indeed. Nothing is more fun than spending three hours cleaning up a great mess like that.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well for happy day! Yesterday a Representative from Google called to ask if they could sponsor my business since they are getting more than 2,000 searches a month for raw goats milk in our area. I politely declined. I already have plenty of wonderful milk clients, and .... here is the kicker.... They wanted me to pay them $200 to do it. Um, no thanks. This morning when I went out to milk it was a wonderful kind of fall cold. It was one of those mornings that makes me ever so thankful that the girl's have nice, warm teats. That is one of those phrases I never thought I would say. Nope. Never dreamed I would be talking about how wonderful the warmth of a good teat is on a cold day. Yet another wonderful thing goats brings out in me. I am knitting Gaia. The pattern can be found here: So far I have altered the cast on, the edging, the shaping decreases and increases... oh, and I added some lace to the first few inches. NOW though, now is when I find the real problem. The lace pattern on the breast? It is only on the breast. It goes over the right breast, stops and is st sts across the back, then starts again over the left breast. This I have decided I am not so wild about. Not at all. Especially since I altered the pattern and am doing it in two colors instead of one. I will see how it looks when it is done. I did consider another alteration to continue the pattern across the back. It is totally do-able if only I wanted to work the math for the decreases. *sigh* Pictures to come soon. Notice that I spoke about either tits or teats with both topics today. I guess that means my job here is done.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ahhh, Fall..

Wait, Again already? Here we are again. A year has passed already? I swear I blogged last week. Yet here I am, finding myself in love with Fall and thinking about what a true post that was. I have let the blog go because of my very busy life, and booming business. I had many people ask that I start blogging again, sharing some of what I am learning with my business. Goats. Sheep. That is my business. Not the animals themselves, but the goods the animals provide. This is what I love. My business selling raw goats milk, wool, soap, wool felted soap, cheese and all other related products has really blossomed. I have learned SO much, and am really enjoying the journey. It has been so fun to watch our little farm grow, and then produce. It has been fun to watch my family work together. I love sitting with my husband in the evenings while I wrap soap, and he does the felting. Can I just say how amazing he is? And also maybe that I totally got the better end of the deal. The felting it tedious, but he does such an amazing job. Our soap has gotten very popular. Photobucket But just look at it! It is a thing of beauty. We made great big,6 ounce bars. Other than that?? Camping. Photobucket Vacationing. Photobucket Home-schooling the short people. (must get picture of this some day) Spinning. Photobucket Photobucket Knitting. Photobucket Photobucket Playing scout Master. Football. Photobucket AND This: Through a series of events that were out of our control, but meant to be, we got our old house back. We have spent the last month getting her ready to go back on the market. She is a really great house, and it has actually been fun in a nostalgic way to be back with her. She has great bones, a great spirit, and I really kind of adore her. I know that she is not alive, but she holds a spot in my heart. Now for the important part: As for what's on the needles?? I just finished a beautiful Cardigan, Photobucket Photobucket And I am not working on another cardigan, because after all, it is fall.