Saturday, April 30, 2011

The shop, and the Etsy shop

We are officially up and running. The Etsy shop has lots of listings, and the store holds all of the goods. I sold an Icelandic fleece out of the shop.. Our first sale. We are really just working on putting it together still. It will be June, after fiber fair, before we get in full swing, but so far so good. If you consider few sales good. It makes me happy though.

We have a new lamb. After a long, very hard delivery Mary had a little lamb. It actually looks like a cow. I am waiting to see if it moo's or baa's.

We have had birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays. My sweet baby turned 1. My adorable Cubby turned 6, my Tigger turned 9.. and I turned.. well never mind.

My current knitting...
I am back in a sock mode. I am a sock knitting fool. I have a pair listed on Etsy. I have another pair on the needles, and about 6,000 pair planned. I have so many projects planned. If I was smart I would organize my list on Ravelry. But alas, I can't stick to a schedule because I seem to get distr.. oh, Shiny!

Plus it would take away from knitting time. Who would chose organization over knitting?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did I speak to soon?

No, really! I swear it. I am back.. just not always. I was so excited to be blogging again. THIS was my time. Until the little guy got sick with RSV and spent 9 days in the hospital. After he got out of the hospital we took off to Washington to see my amazing family. Man, I love those guys. THEN we came home at which point the little guy decided that 9 days in the hospital was not enough attention, so he touched the fireplace and ended up with nasty burns on the tips of his fingers. *sigh* Then he caught a cold. With a rash. And snot. A lot of snot. That brings us to today. Of course that is just one child. Did I mention we have four more? I am tired. And blessed.

In other news, in my "spare" time... I decided to take the leap. I have opened a yarn store. Almost. My BFF (Hi Jeannette) and I have had a dream, and a goal. We said that in Jan of 2016 we WOULD open a yarn store. We have an Etsy store, and that was our jumping point. Turns out, it was a bit more springy for me than we knew. My FIL found a store front to rent, and we were off. I have not actually done anything yet, unless taking pictures of the shop and buying baskets counts, but I have good intentions. Some furniture, some shelving.. oh, and some product.. and we are well on our way. It will be small, and by appointment since I do not have 12 hours a day to devote to fiber, darn it. It will be fabulous just the same.