Thursday, February 26, 2009

How it all started

The home-schooling that is.
I home school my children using the K12 program. I never thought I would home school. I sent my first child to public school. OH, the drama to be had! My second child was born when my first child was 5. He was born very ill, and we had a long few years. He just never got well. When he was 4 he was finally diagnosed with PI (Primary immuno deficiency) which is comparable to an auto immune disorder. He always struggled to breathe, and was often hospitalized with low oxygen levels. He had 4 surgeries with in 12 months. He was in sad shape and if he was around people he would get whatever germs were flying around. I knew I could not send him to public school. His health would not take it. I home schooled him his first year and loved it. The next year I brought my daughter home as well. I am so impressed with the program that I intend to school my third child at home next year as well. There are so many things you can do when homeschooling. It is like opening a whole knew world.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "new" and improved???

I lost my old blog when things all switched over to the new Google log in. I was never able to get into my blog again, so here I am. A fresh start is always nice, eh? (no, I am not Canadian)

My old Blog:
I look forward to being able to say "That is SO bloggable" and actually doing it now. YAY... yay for having a sick Internet addiction with a blogging fetish.
Speaking of fetishes....
I learned to knit at a Mof GWO. (An "On line friends" "Girls Weekend Out") and it has become a lovely addiction. At least this one has bonuses after the fact. I am excited to blog about my projects and give updates. I have very little talent, but I appreciate any false praise you wish to bestow upon me.