Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "new" and improved???

I lost my old blog when things all switched over to the new Google log in. I was never able to get into my blog again, so here I am. A fresh start is always nice, eh? (no, I am not Canadian)

My old Blog:
I look forward to being able to say "That is SO bloggable" and actually doing it now. YAY... yay for having a sick Internet addiction with a blogging fetish.
Speaking of fetishes....
I learned to knit at a Mof GWO. (An "On line friends" "Girls Weekend Out") and it has become a lovely addiction. At least this one has bonuses after the fact. I am excited to blog about my projects and give updates. I have very little talent, but I appreciate any false praise you wish to bestow upon me.

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