Friday, May 16, 2014

Maybe it should be

100 happy months, because I really suck at this daily thing. I do have happy every day, and I usually capture some happy with my lucky camera phone daily. Unfortunately, my lucky camera phone is selfish and keeps telling me that it simply can't share my happy. I finished my basic raglan cardigan in Knitpicks City Tweed, then made my beautiful first born model it... in the kitchen, in front of my mess. I figured the jacket would explain everything. I love this jacket. I love everything about it, and I loved knitting each stitch. I loved that I had exactly a yard left over after finishing. I am calling it my milking jacket, which I will never milk in. It may be summer-ish outside, but I will still be wearing it. I wore it to the park this week, in the sun, and really enjoyed it. The looks from other moms suggesting I am crazy though? All good. Nothing is better than the perfect knit. Ok, except maybe making my first born pose for cheesy pictures to send the bff.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More happy

While our of town it was very hard to upload pictures, so I took then and saved them for when we got home. Ok, some were taken the day before we left, but my to do list was just too long.
Visiting the home planet.
A quick Saturday afternoon stop at the moon. It would appear that blogger doesn't want me to upload more pictures, so i guess the rest will wait. Blogger probably wants me to finish this jacket. Blogger is wise.