Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cardigans are evil

The title says it all. They are evil, sneaky little buggers. Here I am, spending some quality time with my friend looking for a nice pull over sweater to get me through the next few weeks. I am staying focused, and really working hard at finding a lil' something, maybe with some cables. not the breast enhancing cables, but the "I knit this without falling asleep once" cables. Peak here, peak there and WHACK... A ninja cardigan jumps in and makes me want it. A "Right this very second, I have to have it now or I won't live another minute" kind of want. It is wrong, ad they are evil. Just leave me alone beautiful cardigan. I am loyal to this sweater. We were meant to be, if only I could locate it. I suppose it is for the best that we don't mention the lonely man sweater sitting unfinished on my bed upstairs. I suppose that maybe this cardigan knows what I truly need.