Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A who surprise

My sister wife/ bff is a Whovian. That is a person who is unnaturally obsessed with the show "Dr Who." A show that I don't really understand, and think is a little boring. However, I must be in the wrong because my other dear friend is a fan also.

So when I saw the Pantless knitter blog about these, I had to knit them. Two pair.

Now I am working on "Tree of Life" socks. The sister wife knit them, and holy amazing!!!!!  Just crazy awesome. I need them. I am not happy with my current yarn choice though. I plan to remedy that today.

In baby related news...
I ordered a pack of newborn onsies. Yesterday's ultrasound made it feel real. The baby was sucking its hands, and rubbing its eyes. It was being entirely too cute, and I kind of fell a little bit in love. I hope that doesn't jinx it. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The difference between normal and me


A normal woman looks forward to the big gender reveal ultrasound with hope, joy, and dreams about a pink or blue nursery. They dream about a pink crib set, or that perfect blue lamp.

My big appointment is in 48 hours. I am super excited, and am looking forward to it with hope, joy, and the fulfillment of knowing that I will know the gender if I end up burying this baby before the gender can be easily seen. I will know what my baby was for sure, instead of an indistinct feeling. As silly as it is, this is huge!!!

Everything has been wonderful, and fine as far as the health of the baby. I have had zero signs that this baby will not make it to full term... But seeing as how this is my 19th pregnancy, and I have given birth to 4 live children... Well the math kinda gets me. I keep wondering when this will feel real, and when I will allow myself to believe that I am actually having a baby. A live, healthy baby that I will get to bring home. I have yet to allow myself to glance at the baby section. I own exactly nothing for this baby. I didn't even keep a single onsie after my last since we were "done." I wonder when I will jump in and make that first baby purchase.

Maybe after Monday. Maybe.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I swear I have a good excuse

And that excuse is that I have been sick. So, so sick. The kind of sick that makes you wish for death several times a day.

But now? I am still sick, but a much more manageable sick. The kind of sick that I can totally live with.

The illness is not exactly contagious.... At least not until about 8 months or so after the illness begins. At that point it seems that many women struggle with a desire for this illness.

It starts with this:
Ok, you and I both know that it technically doesn't start with that, but for the sake of pictures....

And it grows. It grows into a miracle. 

Our family was complete nearly six years ago. We knew we were done. Then in January we were told very clearly that we were not so done. That a special child needed to come to our home. We were shocked, and I really struggled with the idea. I was scared. I am old. Way to old to start again! My body is magnificent, and functions well. It does what I need it to do, but was it fair to ask this of it? I really thought not. However, after many prayers we felt strongly that his will would be done. Then there was that spark of hope and excitement. Now? I am still in shock, but very thankful for this blessing. This miracle. We will be accepting this extremely special spirit into our home in February.

And next week we find out the gender, and all that stuff. Super exciting!!