Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A who surprise

My sister wife/ bff is a Whovian. That is a person who is unnaturally obsessed with the show "Dr Who." A show that I don't really understand, and think is a little boring. However, I must be in the wrong because my other dear friend is a fan also.

So when I saw the Pantless knitter blog about these, I had to knit them. Two pair.

Now I am working on "Tree of Life" socks. The sister wife knit them, and holy amazing!!!!!  Just crazy awesome. I need them. I am not happy with my current yarn choice though. I plan to remedy that today.

In baby related news...
I ordered a pack of newborn onsies. Yesterday's ultrasound made it feel real. The baby was sucking its hands, and rubbing its eyes. It was being entirely too cute, and I kind of fell a little bit in love. I hope that doesn't jinx it. 

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  1. Police Box Socks! They look great. And I'm more than a little bit in love with your tiny miracle. Grow Baby Grow!