Thursday, September 3, 2015

And it's a .... What??

I have been sure this little miracle was a girl. Just positive. I never even doubted it for a minute.
Then we found out the gender.

Our little miracle is a BOY!!! What??? Shocked.

I feel guilty saying this, because I really was gender neutral.... But if given a magic wand and the ability to have chosen the gender....

I would have chosen a boy. I would have been equally happy with either gender, but I am so thrilled to have another special little mama's boy. A baby boy.  Now there is so much knitting to do!!  I spent a good long time looking at boy patterns. I printed about twenty.

Then I took a small detour to knit this boy a snuggly blanket.
I am a good mom, if you ignore the fact that I bought this yarn with promises of the blanket two years ago.

Now I am doing some serious knitting on a cabled baby cardi.
 It is one that I knit for a very special little boy that my friend helped into this world almost a year ago. He was a miracle as well. I love this pattern, and never thought I would have the chance to knit it for my own little boy someday. I will totally link it. Sometime. Now is not that time.

And I have been spinning. I broke out the wheel to spin some gosh awful wool that s friend got in Estonia. It is terrible stuff, and is going to look and feel horrible... But this friend is so very worth it.

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