Monday, February 27, 2017


I finally finished the Jen.  Blocked and everything. I have decided that it is indeed love. I was so very up in the air. It is a fine line between love and hate. 
But this? This I love.  I love the sleeve length. I love the modified neck. I love Llama Lace. I love to love the Jen.

So much in fact, that I am to the sleeves on another Jen already. 

This is a knit that I finished months ago, and FINALLY decided to block it. It turned out perfectly perfect.  I knit it for my close friend, and he has been wearing it every time I have seen him since.  That makes him knit worthy. There are few people that I consider knit worthy. 
However, this baby is knit worthy. She is the baby of a knitter. See? That pretty Uchiha makes you automatically knit worthy.  This is knitpicks Chroma fingering. 

The start if the new Jen, which is now nearly done. 

Walking, walking, running

The baby started walking several weeks ago, but he would sit down every time I tried to get a picture. Just over the last week he has decided that crawling is for the birds, and has started walking full time.  He is just so. Darn. Cute!  I can hardly stand it.

He is so proud of himself. And so, so busy. Heaven help us. 
(Please forgive my messy house in ever single picture. I swear it is not always messy. Ok, that is mostly a lie. I have 6 kids people. SIX home schooled kids.  That means they are always here. Always. Except the married one. I wish she was here more.)
Walking at one week shy of ten months, and full on foot bound at 11 months. 
He also has so crazy hair that I had to show off. 
This is bed head at its finest. He is nursing in this picture, while staring into my eyes. I love this little turkey. 
It is hard to believe he will be a year old the end of this week. But for now? For now he is still 21 months old. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blocking all the knits

I finally finished my modified Jen. I am still undecided if it is a love or hate thing.  I do love the modified neck. I love the sleeve length.  I don't love the solid Boeing color.  I don't love the sleeve width.  I don't love the unrevealed stitch gauge.  I don't love that I haven't lost the baby weight and am approximately the size of a small whale.  
So the baby and I threw it in a tub, where the water quickly drained, so we started again.  
And I blocked that puppy.  Because blocking fixes everything.  I am sure I can simply block out this extra 60 pounds. No problem.

And I also blocked the boyfriend, and a cute little dress that I knit.  

Here is proof.  

Proof that if the yarn room isn't well guarded it will be taken over by a laptop armed gamer. I just blocked around him, since he was on my blocking couch. I made sure he and the boyfriend sweater were extra comfy. and then??

I cast on another Jen. It feels like maybe life isn't as fun without a Jen on the needles.  

Friday, February 10, 2017

All about the knitting, almost

I love knitting. I truly love it, like a fat kid loves cake. (Let's face it, what I mean is "like i love cake.)  Some days I can hardly control the love. 
And some days I can hardly love the love. 

This is Rowe in Frog Tree. Frog Tree is no more, and that is a very sad thing since their yarn is delicious.  Oh, and the company was all sorts of awesome. 
Rowe began with a beautiful tubular cast on.  We are just getting acquainted, but I can see a long, happy relationship. 
This is going to grow up to be Ink. The sad thing, the bitterly horrible thing, is that one of my needles seems to have run off somewhere.  I had neglected it in the knitting bag for...  well a long while. But I did carry her everywhere. Unfortunately, that means the lost needle could be anywhere. 
But this yarn..  this yarn!!
And a Jen, of course.  This is my addiction. I knit it over, and over, and over again.  She is perfection each and every time. The pattern is probably my favorite ever. 
Until this time.  It has taken me forever to knit this particular Jen, and...  I kind of hate her.  I feel no love. I keep knitting with high hopes that will change. 
The yarn is Llama Lace, which I do love. So much. 
And this sexy beast (the sweater, not Ben, though Ben is positively adorable) is The boyfriend sweater (Again, the sweater, not Ben). It is finished, and had been for awhile..  except blocking.  I have yet to block this puppy. 

And since this is a out my fine creations over the last year (which will continue to be posted about, playing catch up) this is my finest creation. He is so perfect.

And I love this picture so much. I am thinking of blowing it up to a very large size and hanging it on my wall. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More firsts, and holidays

Starting in October. Apparently pumpkins are easily confused with breasts. He spent a long trying to latch onto this. 
Carving pumpkins is delicious.
Our little Halloween Tiger. 
He was Pooh for while, 
But decided to go with sexy and did the Jack Frost thing instead.  He is so stinking cute!
And Lil miss was a butterfly, as adorable as ever.  
The other guy decided scary was ok
And this one nearly disappeared as my little shadow. He is tiny!  Notice the naked cat butt in the background.  Can't fail to point that out. 
And the newlyweds came out to play also. 
This is how our tree spent a lot of the month of December.  It is the" mobile baby, and puppy" style of decor.  
Mostly because it made the candy canes more accessible.  
And in the midst of the crazy, this Lil lady turned 8!
And then there was Christmase
Which means gingerbread houses
And gifts
And time with the family. It was perfectly perfect. 

An October to remember, the passing of a legend

This is hard to write. Really hard.  However, I want it recorded.

On October 1st, my amazing mother in law passed away. She leaves a legend. She was such a wonderful person. We were and are very close. I miss her each day.

Through her passing we saw many miracles and blessings.  Me husband was able to sit at her bedside and compose messages to each of her family members hours before she left us.  During her passing a conference talk was given, and we are certain that it was given just for her.

The big day, the first leaves the nest

In January my sweet daughter started talking about a boy she met at Institute.  She didn't even know his name, but made some pretty good guesses. (They were all wrong)  At that point I had a strong impression that this was going somewhere.  In February she started dating that boy.  I mentioned that I felt it was going somewhere.   She denied it. In March, right after the baby was born, she became engaged to that boy, allowing me a final "told you so" of unmarried child motherhood.  In August they were sealed for time and all eternity in the Rexburg, Idaho temple. It was a glorious day.  They went on their honeymoon, and we had a reception when they returned in September.  It could not have been more perfect.  The stars aligned, as they seldom do, and it was perfection from start to finish.
They now have a little apartment about 5 min from our home, and are doing amazing.  He has gotten a job as a night stockman at the local grocery store, and she has stayed the course with her position as a Vet tech.  They are as happy as any couple ever was.

I am back!!

I am back, and I am so excited to be here.
I know.  I have often disappeared over the years, but this time it wasn't my fault.  Really!  I have wanted to blog.  I have missed blogging.  I have felt like time has been rushing by, and without blogging it all it will be forgotten like it never happened.  I have wanted to share the wonder of motherhood.  I have wanted to share the precious first year.  I have wanted to share yarn, and knitting.  However, I only blog from my phone. I never touch a computer these days.   In June I got a new phone, and my beloved blog locked me out. It was offended at my upgrade, and shut its doors tightly.   Today, after many months of trying, I was able to peak in the doors after a stroke of genius.  There is an app for that, apparently. 
So here I am, with a catch up post of my life. 

First, the baby:  

He has grown so much since June.  The first year is such a whirlwind of change. His highlights are:

He started sitting at 5 monthsStanding at 7 months, though this is way before that. He would stand where we put him, but not pull up on his own.
Crawling at 8 months.
Crawling up the stairs at 9 months

And he started walking at 10 months.  We are now at 11 months, and though he will walk when he feels like it, he still crawls when he has somewhere to be quickly.  
His hobbies include playing with the toilet paper roll, playing with his zebra toy, and eating paper and hair. 

In other news, we adopted a new puppy in Sept.  He is such a great dog! He is a Gladiator Dane, and his name is Ludo.  We have never had a better puppy.  He is so mild mannered and eager to please. He is great with the kids!

And the hubby quit his job, and got a new one.  He starts Monday.   He had been with his old company for 16 years.   The company has been doing poorly, and lay offs were constant. During the last
round of lay offs they asked for volunteers, offering an enhanced severance.  We both felt strongly that we were supposed to leave.  It was a leap of faith for sure, and coming out on the other side we feel so blessed.  His new job is perfect for him, and we are really excited. 

Oh, and my oldest got married.  Yup. That little tidbit isn't to be forgotten.  More on that to come. It was a beautiful and perfect day, and she is blissfully happy.  My heart is full. That deserves its own blog post though.