Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More firsts, and holidays

Starting in October. Apparently pumpkins are easily confused with breasts. He spent a long trying to latch onto this. 
Carving pumpkins is delicious.
Our little Halloween Tiger. 
He was Pooh for while, 
But decided to go with sexy and did the Jack Frost thing instead.  He is so stinking cute!
And Lil miss was a butterfly, as adorable as ever.  
The other guy decided scary was ok
And this one nearly disappeared as my little shadow. He is tiny!  Notice the naked cat butt in the background.  Can't fail to point that out. 
And the newlyweds came out to play also. 
This is how our tree spent a lot of the month of December.  It is the" mobile baby, and puppy" style of decor.  
Mostly because it made the candy canes more accessible.  
And in the midst of the crazy, this Lil lady turned 8!
And then there was Christmase
Which means gingerbread houses
And gifts
And time with the family. It was perfectly perfect. 

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