Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Blocking all the knits

I finally finished my modified Jen. I am still undecided if it is a love or hate thing.  I do love the modified neck. I love the sleeve length.  I don't love the solid Boeing color.  I don't love the sleeve width.  I don't love the unrevealed stitch gauge.  I don't love that I haven't lost the baby weight and am approximately the size of a small whale.  
So the baby and I threw it in a tub, where the water quickly drained, so we started again.  
And I blocked that puppy.  Because blocking fixes everything.  I am sure I can simply block out this extra 60 pounds. No problem.

And I also blocked the boyfriend, and a cute little dress that I knit.  

Here is proof.  

Proof that if the yarn room isn't well guarded it will be taken over by a laptop armed gamer. I just blocked around him, since he was on my blocking couch. I made sure he and the boyfriend sweater were extra comfy. and then??

I cast on another Jen. It feels like maybe life isn't as fun without a Jen on the needles.  

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