Monday, February 27, 2017

Walking, walking, running

The baby started walking several weeks ago, but he would sit down every time I tried to get a picture. Just over the last week he has decided that crawling is for the birds, and has started walking full time.  He is just so. Darn. Cute!  I can hardly stand it.

He is so proud of himself. And so, so busy. Heaven help us. 
(Please forgive my messy house in ever single picture. I swear it is not always messy. Ok, that is mostly a lie. I have 6 kids people. SIX home schooled kids.  That means they are always here. Always. Except the married one. I wish she was here more.)
Walking at one week shy of ten months, and full on foot bound at 11 months. 
He also has so crazy hair that I had to show off. 
This is bed head at its finest. He is nursing in this picture, while staring into my eyes. I love this little turkey. 
It is hard to believe he will be a year old the end of this week. But for now? For now he is still 21 months old. 

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