Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I am back!!

I am back, and I am so excited to be here.
I know.  I have often disappeared over the years, but this time it wasn't my fault.  Really!  I have wanted to blog.  I have missed blogging.  I have felt like time has been rushing by, and without blogging it all it will be forgotten like it never happened.  I have wanted to share the wonder of motherhood.  I have wanted to share the precious first year.  I have wanted to share yarn, and knitting.  However, I only blog from my phone. I never touch a computer these days.   In June I got a new phone, and my beloved blog locked me out. It was offended at my upgrade, and shut its doors tightly.   Today, after many months of trying, I was able to peak in the doors after a stroke of genius.  There is an app for that, apparently. 
So here I am, with a catch up post of my life. 

First, the baby:  

He has grown so much since June.  The first year is such a whirlwind of change. His highlights are:

He started sitting at 5 monthsStanding at 7 months, though this is way before that. He would stand where we put him, but not pull up on his own.
Crawling at 8 months.
Crawling up the stairs at 9 months

And he started walking at 10 months.  We are now at 11 months, and though he will walk when he feels like it, he still crawls when he has somewhere to be quickly.  
His hobbies include playing with the toilet paper roll, playing with his zebra toy, and eating paper and hair. 

In other news, we adopted a new puppy in Sept.  He is such a great dog! He is a Gladiator Dane, and his name is Ludo.  We have never had a better puppy.  He is so mild mannered and eager to please. He is great with the kids!

And the hubby quit his job, and got a new one.  He starts Monday.   He had been with his old company for 16 years.   The company has been doing poorly, and lay offs were constant. During the last
round of lay offs they asked for volunteers, offering an enhanced severance.  We both felt strongly that we were supposed to leave.  It was a leap of faith for sure, and coming out on the other side we feel so blessed.  His new job is perfect for him, and we are really excited. 

Oh, and my oldest got married.  Yup. That little tidbit isn't to be forgotten.  More on that to come. It was a beautiful and perfect day, and she is blissfully happy.  My heart is full. That deserves its own blog post though.  

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