Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Did I speak to soon?

No, really! I swear it. I am back.. just not always. I was so excited to be blogging again. THIS was my time. Until the little guy got sick with RSV and spent 9 days in the hospital. After he got out of the hospital we took off to Washington to see my amazing family. Man, I love those guys. THEN we came home at which point the little guy decided that 9 days in the hospital was not enough attention, so he touched the fireplace and ended up with nasty burns on the tips of his fingers. *sigh* Then he caught a cold. With a rash. And snot. A lot of snot. That brings us to today. Of course that is just one child. Did I mention we have four more? I am tired. And blessed.

In other news, in my "spare" time... I decided to take the leap. I have opened a yarn store. Almost. My BFF (Hi Jeannette) and I have had a dream, and a goal. We said that in Jan of 2016 we WOULD open a yarn store. We have an Etsy store, and that was our jumping point. Turns out, it was a bit more springy for me than we knew. My FIL found a store front to rent, and we were off. I have not actually done anything yet, unless taking pictures of the shop and buying baskets counts, but I have good intentions. Some furniture, some shelving.. oh, and some product.. and we are well on our way. It will be small, and by appointment since I do not have 12 hours a day to devote to fiber, darn it. It will be fabulous just the same.

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