Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fiber fair, oh how I love to hate thee

You have turned my BFF into a stress case. You have brought us to our knees. Yet, we look forward to you, and not just to you being over. I have spent the last couple of days trying to find someone to cater our event. I have no idea how many to expect. All we want is a "sack lunch". I have called many places. I have been told to call back by many places. Many, many places. I have been told "Yes, I am the person you need to talk to about catering" then "oh wait, I actually do not know anything" several times. It is not at all frustrating to hear "We have .... but I have no idea how much it costs. Gee, thank you for being so helpful. I love it when things are made easy. I am just glad that I am not my BFF. She is an intelligent woman, so I was really surprised when she said that she would be in change of things this year. I doubted her intelligence for pretty close to the first time ever. "Really? Are you kidding? I thought you were smart!" Though she has done a splendid job, she is nuts. I can see the stress eating away at her flesh. Hang in there, crazy lady.

This morning I took my kids to a local play gym. I was able to feel better about myself by watching one mother with her daughter that looked to be close to three years old. The child continually took off her clothing and ran nude through the play place. We are not talking down to a diaper, but completely commando. It really felt like home to me. Baby girl has been changing her clothes 30 times a day for months now. I am always saying "Where are your pants?? PUT ON YOUR PANTS!" I say that phrase so many times a day that I fear it will be the youngest babies first sentence. It was good to see that I am not alone. Thank you random nude child. You made my day.

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