Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's talk about two.

Two days in a row. Oh yeah! I am on fire now!

But let's talk about the two I know you all want to hear about. The two babies we have acquired since my last round of posting.

Baby Noah was an eye opener for us. We suffered 12 miscarriages, and I lost my right tube to an ectopic pregnancy. My left ovary, being non-functioning, left us little hope of having more children. We knew our family was not complete, and baby Noah gave us the kick in the pants that we needed to get our home study done, and start that long march down the road to adoption. Little did we know that it would be a short stroll instead. Apparently our baby had already been born and was waiting for us to get our bums in gear so she could be home at last. Only three weeks after starting our home study we had a beautiful baby girl placed with us. That was June 10th, 2009, and she was 6 months one day old. She was SO chubby!! She had been exposed to a lot, and had a hard little life, but with in a short time you would not have been able to guess. It has been nearly two years and she is all giggles and mischief. Never has there been a busier child I believe. OR maybe she seems busy because a short 8 weeks after our baby girl was placed with us our little boy decided he was ready to come also. We were pregnant! What is that you say? You know someone that this has happened to? Well it seems that this happens a lot. I hear it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I explain to someone why our babies are so close in age. Let me explain why this is. It is NOT because I stopped stressing so was finally able to get pregnant. May I point out that I had been pregnant 11 times in two years. Stressing about getting pregnant was not a problem. Is it because I finally relaxed so that my body could carry a baby?? NO. No, it indeed was not. I am fairly confident that my stress did not contribute to my bodies lack of ability to carry a living baby inside of me for more than a few months. I believe I just needed to provide the vessel to allow some spirits to receive the bodies they needed so that they could return back to a greater work. heaven is a busy place. So what I do believe is that my little girl simply needed to join our family before my little boy could. They were meant to come in this order. The Tasmanian Princess was meant to be the OLDER sister to prince grins-a-lot. And that folks is my final answer.

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