Saturday, April 30, 2011

The shop, and the Etsy shop

We are officially up and running. The Etsy shop has lots of listings, and the store holds all of the goods. I sold an Icelandic fleece out of the shop.. Our first sale. We are really just working on putting it together still. It will be June, after fiber fair, before we get in full swing, but so far so good. If you consider few sales good. It makes me happy though.

We have a new lamb. After a long, very hard delivery Mary had a little lamb. It actually looks like a cow. I am waiting to see if it moo's or baa's.

We have had birthdays, birthdays, and more birthdays. My sweet baby turned 1. My adorable Cubby turned 6, my Tigger turned 9.. and I turned.. well never mind.

My current knitting...
I am back in a sock mode. I am a sock knitting fool. I have a pair listed on Etsy. I have another pair on the needles, and about 6,000 pair planned. I have so many projects planned. If I was smart I would organize my list on Ravelry. But alas, I can't stick to a schedule because I seem to get distr.. oh, Shiny!

Plus it would take away from knitting time. Who would chose organization over knitting?

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