Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Saturday I got to spend a huge portion of my day spinning. I was asked to demonstrate at a Heritage Days celebration in another town. I love doing things like this. Some entertaining information about spinning demonstrations: 1.) If a little girls comes up and asks what you are doing, and you explain that you are spinning sheep's wool into yarn, she may not understand the concept and may come back for to eight times and ask you the same questions again. And again. 2.) If a little boy asks if he can try spinning and you say no, that you do not allow others to use your wheel, he may come back thirty to forty times to ask again. And again. 3.) Your daughter's male friend that has been courting her for several years may show up. he may be very helpful and ask that you make sure that your daughter knows exactly how helpful he was. Then you may come home to find that your daughter has been informed that her male friend that has been (and still is may I add) courting her for years has a girlfriend. That he is hiding from her. You may still think he is a great guy anyway though. You just may not want him to continue to court your daughter anymore, not that she was interested anyway. 4.) You may get sunburned. In the shade. 5.) You may get to participate in a "chicken chase" where the prize is... well, a chicken. 6.) You may find that there is a lot of waste from the zucchini boats and that your friend is a wise woman who picks it all up to bring home to feed the critters. 7.) You may find that it is a small, small world and that you will meet face to face a friend's friend that you have become friends with through facebook. You may also find that she owns one of the lambs that you sold to another lady two years ago. You may also find that she brought the ewe with her, and that your ewes make mighty fine offspring indeed. You may also find that her Ravelry name is the same name as your business, which is very clever indeed. 8.) Your best friend may cancel because she has a life. And you may be sad about that. But it will turn out ok. You can get sunburned in the shade without her. Now for knitting: The Gaia is turning out really well. I had planned on sharing pictures, but she had three sets of needles in her, and is being a bit of a contortionist right now. I have the right front, 99% of the back, and 75% of the left front complete. I will finish this last little bit, add sleeves, and a button band, and buttons. Walla, done. (Notice I don't mention blocking. I don't do that whole blocking thing well.)

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