Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well for happy day! Yesterday a Representative from Google called to ask if they could sponsor my business since they are getting more than 2,000 searches a month for raw goats milk in our area. I politely declined. I already have plenty of wonderful milk clients, and .... here is the kicker.... They wanted me to pay them $200 to do it. Um, no thanks. This morning when I went out to milk it was a wonderful kind of fall cold. It was one of those mornings that makes me ever so thankful that the girl's have nice, warm teats. That is one of those phrases I never thought I would say. Nope. Never dreamed I would be talking about how wonderful the warmth of a good teat is on a cold day. Yet another wonderful thing goats brings out in me. I am knitting Gaia. The pattern can be found here: So far I have altered the cast on, the edging, the shaping decreases and increases... oh, and I added some lace to the first few inches. NOW though, now is when I find the real problem. The lace pattern on the breast? It is only on the breast. It goes over the right breast, stops and is st sts across the back, then starts again over the left breast. This I have decided I am not so wild about. Not at all. Especially since I altered the pattern and am doing it in two colors instead of one. I will see how it looks when it is done. I did consider another alteration to continue the pattern across the back. It is totally do-able if only I wanted to work the math for the decreases. *sigh* Pictures to come soon. Notice that I spoke about either tits or teats with both topics today. I guess that means my job here is done.

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  1. That cardigan is gorgeous. It shouldn't be too hard to put the lace across the top of the back. I laughed very hard at your warm teats. I guess I will never know the joy of a warm teat on a cold morning. My life is sad :(