Friday, September 14, 2012

Skunk in the barn yard

P.U.! This morning I slept in. A lot. I did not pull myself out of bed until 8:00. I admit that I was up and getting the kids breakfast a bit after six, and that I was up with kids more times than I care to admit last night though. I also admit that between 6:00 and 8:00 AM I was out of my bed about 456 times, but I kept on crawling right back in. It was lovely, but alas, I had to get my bum out of bed to start my day. I got dressed and went out to say good morning to the girls. They were all very, very happy to see me. I am sure that it is all because of the deep love they feel for me, and has nothing to do with their very full udders, and empty bellies. I went to get them their hay, and was greeted by a familiar smell. It appears that we have a new pet living in my milking barn. I had my ten year old set a safe trap. I am hoping that we can catch our new pet so that we can safely re-home it. Far, far away. However, I feel fairly certain that I will be releasing several cats before the mighty black and white kitty shows its face. After taking care of that, I cleaned the pasture the girls, and alpacas will be moved into tonight, and then wandered back into the house. I was dragging my feet because I really am feeling lazy, and did not want to come back in and have to start school. I normally adore school, but this morning I was fairly certain that my two year old was smarter than me. Actually, that is probably true on many days, but you get my point. As luck would have it I was spared. I came in to found my kitchen flooded with urine-smelling water. Hmmm. I went upstairs to the boys bathroom, which is directly above the kitchen, to find that the toilet that had not been flushed in at least six years had over flowed and flooded the upstairs. It sure is a good thing that I have a generous kitchen that agreed to take on some of the mess right through the ceiling so that the bathroom didn't have to go it alone. I also found myself in luck. What better excuse to skip school today? Yes, indeed. Nothing is more fun than spending three hours cleaning up a great mess like that.

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  1. Did you cry? I would have cried. You are a braver woman than I am.