Monday, March 9, 2009

Texas what?? And other happenings.

I am trying my hand at Texas hold'em on facebook. It would seem that I am not so good. I am glad that I am only losing virtual money... and maybe a bit of virtual self esteem.

My son turned 7 this week. We had a small party at Leo's. The baby woke up with croup so it was a short party, but a long day. A long night. A long weekend. Steroids do not make short people pleasant.

I am down a few computers, hence the lack of updating. My laptop was murdered by above mentioned baby. Child K put him down for his nap. When she came back to check on him genius baby was playing "Fate" on the laptop laying in bed. (Yes, he is of my loins) So child K took the laptop and set it on the floor next to the bed, then tucked the baby back in. You see where this is going? When the baby woke up he drop kicked the laptop.. kung fu baby. Or maybe he just jumped off of the bed onto it.. either way, it is dead.

And my desktop is on its way out. It only runs when you ask really nice, and tell it you owe it chocolate. However, it does not respond well to threats.... or water. Nooo, not water.

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