Thursday, May 7, 2009

The beast has been slayed!!!!

I fought, I cried, I threw many fits, and then I FINISHED! This Afghan has nearly been the death of me the last several days. I had to keep going, I knew I did... but it was so very, very hard. I think the knit goblins kept coming in and violently ripping out and hour or two of my hard work and then nicely replacing the needles so that there was no proof. My children were also against me. They still believe that they need to be feed even when I am knitting. Can you believe that?? The nerve.. BUT in the end I won. Well except for the loverly dropped stitch you can clearly see in the picture. At first I said "You are KIDDING me.. then I said.. That gives it character so I simply can't try to pick it up. That would just be wrong.

And here is one that I just love in the same pattern. Though I will never work with acrylic again unless forced.
AND in some of the best news EVER.. my son, the child of my loins. One of the three most amazing things I have ever made has decided to knit. I am so proud. I taught him yesterday and he has spent many a minute working on it. With his extremely short attention span this is saying something. I also taught him to crochet because the two needles were hard for him to keep a hold of. (note to die hard knitters: I do not condone this behaviour, but if he can gain a love for yarn.. well you see) I could not be more proud than I am. If he told me he was running for president or going to be a Doctor it would not compare to this.

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  1. Hey, thanks for slaying such a beast for my sake!!! or thanks for knitting my beautiful afgan even though it caused you much stress and kept you away from your socks i love it!! thanks again