Sunday, April 3, 2016

The third week

Back to real life, or something like it. Daddy had to go back to work this week. I really wish he could retire. Darn that whole money thing.
It is spring break, so that helps some. The sweet little guy has proven to be very fussy, and gassy so we are trying simethicone drops. I still love every second. I highly suggest having a baby in ones old age. It is extremely rewarding. I am fully able to appreciate each second of his life.

He loves bath time, and we do it frequently, since it seems to sooth the poor cutie. 

First time being held by Grandpa.

Pure sleep deprivation, I put this diaper on backwards at 5 am, and didn't discover what I had done until 7, when everything was very "moist." (Your welcome, sensitive crowd)

How he actually looks most of the time. Still adorable. 

 First time in mommy's favorite new wrap.
The blessing hat is done!

And it even represents the nipple, his very favorite thing. 

And a selfie to show what sleep deprivation does for a girl.