Sunday, April 3, 2016

The first week

What a beautiful week. This week I have been super paranoid about smothering the wee lad while sleeping, which is silly since we are co-sleepers, have never had a problem, and neither of us sleep, let alone sleep deep. We are safe, which I know. Stupid lady that mentioned it. I know better! (I don't need to hear stories of your aunt's, cousins, best friend's, brothers, friend's sister)
He is a big fan of nursing, and the only jealousy are the cat, and the youngest daughter. So far so good.  I am deeply in love here. Baby moon is the very best moon

First time in the wrap

Um, it has been five min since my last meal, people!

My favorite activity. 

First time meeting Grandma. A very special bond. 

How could you not fall more deeply in love with the father of your children when seeing them together? 

This one... It shows how freaking awesome I am as a mother. It truly gets to the root of who I am. The mom that doesn't notice her other kid is playing in the toilet in the background. (He actually wasn't. At least I hope not. He is 6. Doesn't that mean he is old enough to know better?)

First time in the nojo ring sling. I love this sling. So does he. I own several slings. 

He loves llama lace, because he is smart. I am love this sweater as well as llama lace. 

His cord fell off at 4 days old after the reaction to the security device they attached to the cord in the hospital. 

Totally tit faced. Wasted. Milk drunk. 

The blessing pants in progress. 

The blessing pants finished. Now for the hat! 

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