Sunday, April 3, 2016

The fourth week

I want to be very clear on something. This is the fourth week. That in no way means that he is one month old. One month old is April third (which ironically is when I am actually posting this) but four weeks is absolutely not one month. Not for three more days.

So many changes this week!  We started using gripe water. It is pretty good stuff, and seems to possibly, maybe take the edge off.

We had his stage five lip tie reversed. Thank you Uncle Dentist.

And we outgrew our newborn diapers and clother. I am in protest, and not terribly please about this.

This morning  (at one month, not four weeks) he weighs 10.3 pounds. That is a 3.1 pound gain since birth. Hello chubby! I am a milk making rock star!

Life went back to normal for real this week. No Daddy, no spring break.

In several of these I decided to start including one of the crying pictures before the settled picture. I want to document both sides of this sweet baby, and posting only his settled pictures doesn't count. He fusses full time, so I always fight to get the settled pictures. He is just as adorable in the fussing pictures.


The blessing outfit, minus the hat, because he was angry so I forgot in my hurry. 

Another milk drunk. I love these.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. My knitting pattern, and Daddy playing "big boy" with the little guy.  That baby loves his daddy. 

Outgrowing the newborn diapers

And in not strictly baby stuff:
The blessing booty. I am so in love with this perfect perfection, and really wish that I could remember what I had done, or that I would have at least written it down. He needs thirty five pair!

 This is the sole Easter picture. Go mom!
I have been dreaming of knitting this perfect blanket since I found out I was pregnant. Thankfully my craft buddies made sure I had plenty of beautiful, soft blankets for my baby, so I selfishly frogged this and am knitting myself a sweater. 

Kevin's amazing Aunt sent us this huge lot of clothes. What a happy mail surprise. All of the stuff is so cute! 

 Our local yarn store is closing, so I selfishly bought more sweater yarn. I cast on another Jen with this llama lace.
And I had to show the effort of our free lodging chickens. A real over achiever here. Sadly, she was killed in a nasty dog attack yesterday. Stupid dog. 

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  1. He is perfection. I am hopelessly in love.