Monday, January 5, 2015

The poor Paleo

Convinced by my best friend, Spudknit, I started researching the paleo life style. Them another friend, Lisa, brought up her clean eating ways a few months later. That legs to this post.
I went Paleo. I am not great at it, but I am working on it. My biggest thing is that I need dairy. So I am paleo, plus dairy. Plus the occasional cheat, I imagine. So far it had been all clean for me though.

I started this journey because I used to be thin. I am not sure I was healthy. I want thin and healthy. Eighteen months ago I was fifty pounds lighter. I went on some medication, and became w balloon. I feel it in my feet, my knees, my back etc. I was never naturally thin. It is something I always had to work at. Now my goal isn't thin. It is healthy. I figured I would share my journey.
Yesterday I made amazing Paleo granola bars. Even my wonderful, yet very picky, husband liked them. They have no grain, or sugar. They are made with nuts, coconut, and honey.
I sent this proud picture to my dear, Paleo Spudknit. She thought maybe it wasn't the most flattering picture. Something about not eating poop?

But still, yum. 

Recipe here:

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