Friday, January 9, 2015

And so kidding season begins

I am done with my pity party (for now). Had a good cry in my closet, made an impulse purchase (which I will blog about later) and am now ready to put on my big girl panties, and count my blessings.

First blessing?
This little fella made an appearance here on the farm, early this morning. 

And decided that he really enjoyed his new found warmth, cuddled next to the teenage boy. The boy seemed pretty fond of it also.

And I think we are all pretty pleased. He is out of Cleopatra, who is out of Polly. Polly was my first goat, and she was very loved. This is Cleo's first baby. We tried and tried to get her bred, and here we are, four years later. His sire is our gentleman, Jasper. 

The delivery was very rough. She labored throughout the night. Then pushed, and pushed with no success. We found that she had a kid in there that had passed away in the last few days, and was completely swollen. We got this little guy out first, and he is healthy and well. That is a miracle in itself. Then we spent a very long, difficult time delivering the other baby. Mom had a rough time, so I gave her some pain meds and she is resting.

I love to witness new life. I love to be a part of this magical chain. I love that I have a goat in milk again. I will be able to bond with her more deeply over the hours we will spend together this year, milking in or warm barn. I will make cheese, soap, lotion and other amazing products out of the rich milk she gives. 

Life is good. Simple. Day by day. Everything is going to be OK. 

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