Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mornings can be rough on all of us

You know what helps though? Eighteen year old daughter's, and their amazing friends that bring breakfast in bed because I deserve it for giving birth to such an incredible human. 
Paleo cakes:
 This is the cake that her friend made, because she is one of the most amazing friends a girl can have. She knew Kyra was doing Paleo, so made a paleo cake. Which we failed to get a picture of... But it looked exactly like that. And was so good!!
And this is the cake I got her. The eggs in it are Paleo.
This is the absolutely stunning child I made. Dang, I am good. 

And here she is. Eighteen. 

Now I get to watch and see if the last eighteen years pay off. Legally, my job here is done. It is odd, to be fully in charge one day, and the next is sink or swim. 
I was reminded of several things yesterday. 
She is no longer jail bait. 
She can legally get a license as stripper. 
She can buy all sorts of things that she totally wasn't ready for 24 hours earlier, like ammo, airsoft guns, and aleve sinus. 
I guess I am blessed. Very blessed that I don't feel worried about a thing when it comes to her. She is mature, responsible, and good from her very core. If I got to sit down and design the perfect daughter, she would be it. Her future is so bright I have to wear shades. 

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  1. This is like the tenth time I've read this post..and the Aleve sinus bit still gets me.