Monday, January 26, 2015

This is my son

This is my son.

My precious little boy. 

I would give my life for this little boy. He is my everything, and you know what? I am doing the best I can at being his mom. I am making hard decisions on his behalf every single day. Being the mom to a sick child is not easy. I am constantly fighting for what I believe is best for him. 

And you know what else? Even though many people and groups claim to be arguing on my behalf, they are wrong. I am that mom. My child is that kid. The one that needs everyone else to be vaccinated. The one that relies on herd immunity. My son has a very damaged immune system.  He does not make titers, so has no immunity to the things commonly vaxed for. 
There is a huge "anti VAX" movement, and right now they are being attacked, many claiming on the behalf of people like my son. 
I have something to say on that. 

I support you. I support the mother that doesn't VAX. I support the mother that does VAX. I support every single one of you that has followed blindly, or has reaserched until she can research no more. As moms, we are doing our very best. We are fighting the good fight, and we are doing our best. We are following our hearts, and saying our prayers ( or whatever form you follow) and we are all in the boat together, just trying to stay afloat. We are putting one foot in front of the other. 

So what say we let it go, and support each other. I know it has been said a million times, but the Facebook and blog posts slamming each other isn't going to help anyone. No minds will be changed. Support is the only way we will all make it out of this in success. 


  1. Thanks Kami! I'm so tired of this fight, you are an amazing example to me!

  2. You are spectacular luv <3 you are the (my) ideal Mommy role model (which is why I picked you...and you picked Jen...and here we are!) Can I steal this and share it in some mommy groups on FB??