Monday, January 19, 2015

The Impulse Buy

I have been waiting to post about this! But I didn't dare, for safety reasons.
My impulse buy was a weekend get away with my honey to Vegas.

We have always planned to go to Hawaii for our twentieth anniversary. It is something we have planned for, well ever.  But in light of recent events, it isn't in the cards. That doesn't make me sad. We really needed a quick escape though. The pressure and stress of the situation is great, and we know it isn't going to get any easier. If we were going to get away, now was the time. Before we start spending all our "free" time at primary children's. So we looked on line, found a steal, and took off. We got flights, hotel, and half our meals for $427. It was well worth it. We woke up early Thursday morning, delivered Taffy's baby, a huge buckling, and jumped on the plane. While we were in the air, Kandy kidded. Of course. But the oldest was here to play catch. She did a great job.
Once in Vegas we napped. A lot. I don't mean that we "napped." We actually slept. We took naps every day, went to bed early, slept in. Relaxed. Breathed. It was zen. We walked the strip, looked through stores, went to Le' Reve, which was amazing. The whole trip was amazing. Things at home were under control as well, which makes it all the sweeter.
Now, picture!
 I knit these socks on the strip. Stripped socks on the strip... That shall be their name.
I ate this little guy.

I Peru much finished the body of this sweater. Just have another inch on the back. 

I wanted to eat this. The whole thing.

Hershey's world was incredible. I had never been three before. Happiness. This area is where you take a bag and buy kisses by the pound . Genius!

 How could anyone look at this and not feel complete joy? Chocolate!
At Le reve. So much fun.

Le reve

And the token sock knitting on the strip photo. 


  1. I'm totally jealous but I also know how much you NEED ED this. Love you.

  2. I a, so glad you got to go! I am happy it was wonderful and relaxing!

  3. You so deserved an "away" trip. And...what on earth is "this little guy" that you ate?!