Monday, January 26, 2015

Oh Jen, you silly sweater

I know. I am a little obsessed with Jen. It may be wrong, but it feels so right. Almost. It felt really right, until I ran out of yarn at the end of the first sleeve, and went to get the next Hank. And no. The Hank is gone. The Hank has done a lot of traveling with me as of late. I fear that it got tired of traveling, and settled down in some town we passed through. Oh, Jen. My dear Jen. Everyone is against us.
So now all of my sweater selfies have to look like this... What missing sleeve?

This little guy has had a super rough week. It has been a very real, hard week. He had dental surgery Tuesday, and they had to intubate the poor baby. That is painful, and this week has been rough. He ran a fever all week, and just felt icky. We saw his asthma doctor at primary children's this week. He failed his breathing test several times, so they medicate and continued doing it until he could pass it. It took over an hour. He was so frustrated. At times like that, my heart hurts for him. We are seeking a second opinion for immunology as well. Not because we dislike his current Dr, but because we want to start treatments now instead of in a few months after using him as a science experiment. Having his two disorders together is rare. I understand the desire to see more and gather more information. I really do get that. But in the end, the team l treatment plan doesn't change. I don't see a reason to delay it. 

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