Monday, March 30, 2015

My knitting is out of control, due to a bad case of startitis

Generally I am a very controlled knitter. I have zero control when it comes to stash, but I have always had a pretty good control of what I actually have on the needles. I have been a big believer in one complicated, one simple on the needles. I don't have a UFO pile. I don't think I could live that way. I start a project, and finish it before I cast on another. It is the rule, and one of the only knitting rules that I follow closely. However, when on vacation it is OK to break rules, right? It is OK to cast on many, many projects without completing the things already on the needles. I admit, I went a little crazy. I wanted to go a lot crazy, but I am not an animal. So I only cast on a few too many things. I still felt like I had a pretty good grip on things. Then I got home, and assumed that things would return to normal. I would milk the goats, and cow. I would care for and feed the children. I would clean the house, and do the laundry. I would be a fairly monogamous knitter.
But things didn't really work out that way. The startis continued to flare, and I haven't found a cure. I want to cast on. I can usually control this urge, but not today.

And really, I don't have THAT much on the needles.
Maybe if I make a list, I will be able to stick to it. Or not. This is not a commitment.

I have to finish this belt. This belt. It may kill me.

I am knitting a king size blanket. I don't think this can rationally count against my two project rule. It seems like long term relationships shouldn't count.
I have a pair of socks. Or two. But I don't know that those should count, but I am having a hard time coming up with exactly why it shouldn't count.
I have the second Monica Shawl. It has been on hold for a long while because I lost interest. It is a lovely knit, and highly enjoyable. But it isn't a sweater or cardigan.

K, making a list makes it sounds OK, and really not that bad. Especially since the list says that socks and blankets don't count. I am going to go co Gramps in orange Remix. This list was a great idea!!

UPDATE: like a responsible knitter, I finished the belt first.  The Cardi is done, if you only count the knitting part, which fortunately I do.

And this remix is knitting up nicely.

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