Sunday, March 29, 2015

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig

I loved my Tennessee trip, but home feels so good. It is where I keep my favorite husband, cow, daughter, and goats. Home is truly where the heart is.

But there are Tennessee things that I really miss. 

Mostly my sister wife, who had no clue I was sneaking pictures of her frequently. I know, pretty creepy... But I miss her horribly and it helps to see her. This is her in her natural habitat, with yarn.

This is what we were sitting in the midst of, while knitting and sneaking pictures. Sheep. Absolutely adorable sheep. With only one fault. Hair. 

And as we were leaving the trees burst into bloom, almost like a final plea to stay with them, in Tennessee. 

Where there are really cool moths. 

And so many toads that it is nearly impossible to walk from the van to the house without stepping on them. (Right after this picture was taken, the toad peed)

But Tennessee may not be as cool as Nebraska. (Just kidding. Nebraska is really long and boring)
Because Nebraska has these.
It is like an awesome bidet toilet highbred. 
And it had a heated seat. How can you not love a heated toilet seat in a public restroom, where others may have or have not had their most intimate parts gently sprayed, and blown dried?

However, Wyoming was awesome. We saw thousand of deer, elk, and antelope. My thirteen year old hunter was very much in heaven. 

But home is good.
Very good. 

And we were blessed with a special surprise the day after we got home. Three perfect little chicks. And one really ugly, odd one. (Just kidding. There were only three chicks)
And she is such a good mama. She tried to eat my perfectly well behaved Lily dog, just for looking. 

Now for the important stuff. 
I have knitting to share. 

I knit (and blocked, though not before this picture) an adorable baby cardi. What a fabulously simple, genius pattern. 
Queensland Sugar Rush (which I just purchased 59 skeins of, so you may feel things get a bit tedious here on the blog for a bit, but I love it)
Knit on a size five.
Pattern is:

And I finished half of the belt cardi belt, and am trying to not be bitter that it looks much better on The Grassfed Angel
Sometimes knits chose their own destiny, instead of following my intended path. This one seems to have chosen her. Cashmere. For real. Maybe I will lose 70 pounds and it will chose me. For now though, I think the chosen recipient should be required to finish the stupid belt. And she can't have my $18 button either. So there. 

Then there is this, the Liesl. I would like to pretend to have knit this beautiful piece of art, but I did not. My sister wife did, and in a knitterly twist of fate, it chose me. I think the knitting God's were trying to even things out. Not sure where that leaves the sister wife though. She is on her own. 
I love it, and it looks amazing on me . It feels amazing. Much love. 

And that is a lot of amazing for one post.


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