Friday, March 20, 2015

Tennessee knits

I threw the four youngest in the car and made the short (30 hour) drive to Tennessee. Few things in life are better and more beautiful than going to your sister wife's (with her own chickens and husband) for a week of knitting. And knitting we are.

The belt cardi that was never meant to be is done and blocking.
If you need proof that blocking is a must, just look at that dirty water. There are a million reasons to block, but that one speaks loudly. 

The other reason speaks loudly as well. It says something about a cardi that should never be. It talks of gauge problems, running out of yarn, pattern errors, and determination. This cardi really wants to die, and lay in frog land forever. But I persevere, despite knowing that it is completely wrong for my body type.  I am really hoping that blocking will be the snake oil that cures all that ails. A girl can dream. It could grow seven sizes. Knits do that you know. Of course they only do that when they are already just a bit too big. 

So we will see what this awkward little lady blooms (please bloom. A lot.) in to.

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