Friday, March 13, 2015

Apparently yesterday's post was my 100 post

Which sounds crazy awesome, if I didn't start this blog many, many years ago. Still, I probably should have celebrate somehow. Maybe at 200 ..... With cake.

Speaking of, the paleo lifestyle is going well. Still hanging in there. Thought I would throw that out there since I suck at remembering to take pictures. I have modified and cut out most carbs though. I just plan to do that while I work at getting my bulk back under control, and getting healthy. Then I will add in natural carbs. Not sugars, breads etc. The paleo foods. I feel good. I feel happy. Really happy. At peace. A clean diet makes all the difference.

And to liven things up:
That is my thigh. It is the most you will ever see of my thigh. And that is my blood. I make no guarantees that that is the most you will see of that though. I am not only accident prone, but a bleeder. 

So the story of the blood..... 
This is my precious kitten, who I adore. His name is Blue Zender. He puts me to bed each evening, and then he spend about an hour playing with the amazing man I married. The favorite toy is the string that is attached to the Roku remote. He will chase it for hours. It is very cute. Except today. 
I was about to step into the shower when my precious son asked me to start a show for him. So I walked into my room, naked. I picked up the remote. That is when all heck broke lose, and the bleeding started. My sweet kitten scaled my naked body, and at the sound of my screams, slid all the way back to the floor. 
I blame the amazing man that I married. I know my adorable kitten isn't to blame at all. 
Plus, my toothbrush is missing. Which has nothing to do with anything, but I thought I should put it out there. 

I think today I will knit. Last night I finished the sleeves of the cardi. Then I found that the body is much too short, unless the belt is meant to go straight across the breast. I think it is not. I am confident that this resulted from my choice to leave gauge swatching behind. So today I will knit the body longer, and probably run out of yarn. It's OK, I can always order more. It will be good to let the yarn gods mock me, as they dye up something that doesn't even sort of match. This is one of those times that a knitter knows she is defeated. Knows there is no chance for this garment, so she knits faster in the hope of outrunning the bad. It doesn't ever work, but that doesn't mean I won't try. 

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