Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A good day

Today is a good day. I turned 38 this morning.   I am usually not a huge fan of birthdays, but this year is different. It is different for a couple of reasons. First, I have believed that I was 38 for the last two years, so I am not bothered that I am turning the age I thought I already was.

The second reason, and the real reason, is that I found out that I get 20% of at the LYS on my birthday. This is the happiest news ever. I am so super excited. I have big plans. What makes those plans even bigger is that I sold my wonderful, very loved alpacas to the yarn store owner in trade for yarn. That means my world is wide open. I am going to have a hard time reigning myself in.  Letting the alpacas go was hard, but my friend loves to spin alpaca, and it turns out that I do not.  My children are scared to death of the alpacas, and my friend has more room. Like 37 acres more. This is a win win.

Knitting progress has been made, but only on the blanket. It is a king size blanket, but it feels so small. I am enjoying every stitch.
I love it, surprisingly. It is oddly abstract, so many different colors, shapes, sizes. No rules. Just whatever I want . I knit with a yarn until I am bored and then I switch. Maybe I should call it my ADHD blanket. 

All of the other knitting is kind of on hold. The belt cardi needs sleeves. The socks need legs (though I did do a round on them while at Walmart earlier). The Jen has very little done. The shawl is still on clue two. 

All of them have hope, except maybe Jen. The yarn I am using is the yarn that the moths destroyed. I am having to join about once a round. I hate wool eating moths... 

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