Thursday, February 26, 2015

A knitting blog, you say?

This has been a knitting blog with no knitting as of late. While I was sick I didn't knit. I know! The shock and horror! But I am back at it now. I am mostly working on this:
Keeping the puppy out of my knitting. It is a full time job. She tangles herself, completely wrapped in yarn. I understand her desires, so it is hard to be too upset. 

So I got this to help. OK, I have no idea how to even rationalize that. I got this to make my life happier. For those that don't know, it is a chiaogoo red lace, interchangeable knitting needle set. I didn't know they existed, even though I have looked at them in my favorite local knitting shop for the last year. For some reason, in my mind they were another brand. A brand I don't love. I needed a size five for the belt cardi, and a size nine for a blanket. This was the perfect solution. Yes, it only goes to size eight, but perfection is different to different people. Plus I just wanted this set. 

And this is the only thing I have been working on. I picked up my Jen sweater, and the hubby looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "what about my blanket..." So here I am. 

I let slip that I am using cheap, but soft yarn for it. I was extremely happy with the reaction from all family members. Most refused to touch it. The hubby felt shame, and unloved. Until I asked for the $600 I will need for a "real" blanket. Then he said he can live with this. It is actually a mix of good and bad. When I get tired of the crap yarn, I throw in some alpaca. All is fair in love and war, no?

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