Tuesday, February 24, 2015

From the brink of death

Or what felt like it. This week the oldest child and I were struck down with a stomach bug straight from the depths of hell. I have word that it was created by Satan himself. It was a full week of utmost unpleasantness. But we lived. And I learned to find joy in simple things again.
Like my yarn loving golden doodle, Khya. (6 months, 22 pounds)

The sun hitting this fiber on my bed.

And my very precious kitten, Blue, who is my constant companion, and who I am extremely attached to. He also doubles as a heating pad.

In times like these, when I have been so sick, I remember that in order to know the good we must taste the bad. (OK, I remember it AFTER the illness, not during) I don't get sick often, and extremely rarely do I get that sick, and for that I am eternally grateful. So is my dear husband, who was once again my super hero, saving each day while I was ill. He is the best. 

Another thing happened during the week. It made me very aware of the lot I have been given here on Earth. Of what really matters. 
Can you see it? Do you know what it is?

I found this on my clothes dryer, drying I suppose.  
So what is it? 
The symbol of my mother hood. I am the mother of three boys, and that is proof. 

Rabbit feet. They are the feet of a dead rabbit, which my oldest son cut off and cured because my youngest wanted a lucky rabbits foot like the middle child has. 

Yet one more thing that I thank the fake sister wife for. Thanks sister, for buying your middle child a rabbits foot. 

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