Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Blentec blahs

This here? This is an angry lady.

A year ago I paid $400 for a blender. This was to be the last blender I ever purchased. It was supposed to work many marvelous miracles. The price was worth it, because of the ten year warranty. Ten years, people!

And then, it broke. My miracle working blender broke. I had gone online and registered my blender, so all is fine, right? Nope. Seems my registration was lost. Even though I still frequently get their emails, it seems that they have never heard of me. So what did the good people at Blentec do to help me?
They told me they would be happy to replace my broken product, and all I had to do was turn the machine over and give them the numbers.
These numbers:
You see the problem? Yes, seeing is the problem. 
Which I explained to the nice customer service lady, who then explained to me that she couldn't help me if I couldn't read the numbers. 

So not only is the product broken, they can't even put a number on the bottom that will stay. 

That's a win, Blentec. Nice job, folks. 

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