Sunday, February 15, 2015

True Love is

My amazing spouse, who is perfect in every possible way,

Spent this valentines day on his knees, as many young men did. 

But since we have been married for twenty years, he was not offering a ring, but building my dreams. 

My dream of the perfect milk stand. Which is perfect. Absolutely perfect, just like my wonderful husband. 

Bessie showed her appreciation in true cow fashion. 

By christening the stand. 

Valentines day also brought a few other amazing gifts of love. 
My dear friend brought me some delicious goodies. My dear Todd knows me so well!

I was so thankful, and so were the short people. 

And then, yes, there is more...
This happened:
Our chicks hatched early. 

I am planning to do a whole post with pictures of the hatch. Pretty cool. 

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  1. What a guy!
    Looks like the farm is progressing well!