Friday, March 6, 2015

Because yarn rules my world

The shopping was amazing! Amazing! My husband and I drove to the yarn store, and that Good man curled up on the couch and had a nap while I sat in the yarn store getting high on yarn fumes. It really was a magical day.  I spend hours just touching, smelling, and deciding. In the end I came home with this:
Llama Lace for a new Jen. I love this yarn. It is my very favorite. 

Cotton for... Something. Maybe a baby blanket?

Sugar cane. 

More sugar cane.

And some more sugar cane.

And then I got some sugar cane.

But then I was enticed by... Some sugar cane.

And since I already had a little sugar cane, I decided I should get some more sugar cane. In purple. 

This is self striping, and I have always loved it. I have some in the stash. Which I have never used. But I could, and that is what counts. 
And it was on sale. For $3.00. I am pretty sure I just answered many a knitters question as to why so much sugar cane. 
For those non knitters, if yarn is on sale it must be purchased. It is a disease. Even if it is ugly yarn even our grandmother won't touch, put a 50% tag on it and it will fly off the shelf. 

Then I got these. I am a pretty experienced knitter, and somehow I didn't know these existed until I saw a friend, who is a fairly new knitter, using them. Where have they been all my life?

Oh.. And I may have ordered this. A lot of this. Maybe even 15 hanks of this. But it is Frog Tree (Pediboo worsted for those yarnies reading) so it was for a good cause. I have so much respect for frog tree, which is a not for profit yarn company.  So much respect. Their mission statement is:

 Frog Tree Yarn Mission Statement
As a result of our experience living and working at the grassroots level in Peru, Bolivia, Mexico and the USA for many years, we founded T & C Imports and Frog Tree® Yarns.
Frog Tree Yarns is a not-for-profit company that helps talented artisans/workers receive well-deserved, reasonable compensation for their efforts and to promote fair trade. Their funds are used to support educational and environmental projects, charitable organizations and volunteer groups

Please consider supporting them, because who has more genius than those that use yarn to help the world?

The Frog Tree will grow up to be:

The cables!! Do you see the cables? And the cables on the arm?  

After the shopping came unexpected gifts. 
My amazing hubby got me flowers. He is so very good at remembering to do this. Twenty years into our marriage , and he still remembers this little touch of love at least once a month.

Then my oldest child got me this. Obviously she knows me well. Very well. She went to Blazing Needles in Salt Lake. 

And after getting all the new yarn, I decided to start working on organizing some of the stash. I allowed the middle boy to enjoy the yarn fumes with me. He is a knitter himself. I am so proud. 

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  1. I don't know where to comment first. The sugar cane? I'm drooling. And high hopes? oh my goodness. And all that yarn? Did you roll around naked on it after the kids went to bed? And back to the sugar cane? So much to love. Glad you had such an amazing birthday.