Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Someone should teach my kids

 That if you are going to be destructive, you should not sign your name.
Or leave footprints straight to your room.

(The full mess , because who would want to miss this?)

Or leave your hand prints as evidence.

This makes me smile a ridiculous amount. I know that someday I will truly miss these little hands. I love being a mother. 

But that doesn't have to mean that I miss them today. Little turkey. 

In other news, the princess of the mess decided that she needed her hair cut. I agreed. Where we didn't agree was on the length. She wanted to cut it up to her ears. We compromised and my heart ached a little as I took about five inches off. 

 She loves it, and so do I. She looks just adorable, as usual. If I could design the perfect hair for a beautiful little child, it would be hers. I have such cute kids.

The little guy couldn't go to any easter activities because of his immune problems, so he helped hide eggs for the hunter, who was sick. He may need some practice on egg hiding.
 His aunt felt bad, and made him this lovely bunny cake. He had a blast with it. It was such a great day with my little one. Blessings, blessings, blessings.

And on the knitting front, Gramps is coming along nicely. This pattern,ohhh this pattern. So far it is one of the best I have used. Each stitch is pure love. So very relaxing. 

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  1. That cake is way too cute. And Violet's hair holds curl so well! Super jealous over here. Hand and footprints are the greatest most amazing little things. Evidence of innocence <3<3<3<3