Saturday, April 25, 2015

And for my second baby

April, two babies. Five years apart. Jacob's birthday was yesterday. He had some friends over, and those wild kids had a blast!  We told Jacob he could do whatever he wanted. We were thinking iJump, laser tag, bowling etc. Nope. His one wish was to have his friends here for a marshmallow war. I was giddy inside. Simple, cheap. What more could a mom ask for? So we got a bag of mini marshmallows for each child, and sent them outside. Hours. They spent hours out there planning battle strategies, and hunting each other down. Best birthday ever! We got these guns from my parents for Christmas. At first I was a little puzzled, but they have been an invaluable gift. For real. My parents don't know I have a blog, and they can't actually turn on a computer, so they don't read my blog. In fact if I mentioned to them that i have a blog, they would probably try to have me medicated for the illness. So, these guns really are great!! I am not just saying that.

We finally had to force the children in to open gifts.
He was well pleased.

And I was once again awed by the simple joy. He appreciated everything to the fullest.

He got a kindle and skylanders from us. He is sure that life doesn't get much better than this.

His sister used one of her many, many talents to make him a gluten free, skylanders cake. It was SO good!!!

Of course here we have the traditional candle picture, which I make my kids pose for. Notice the bottom right hand? The sneak blower, on the prowl.

Yes!!! Got them all!!  Again, can't help point out that sneak blower is celebrating a little too much to be considered innocent. Thankfully Jacob didn't care that he had a bit of help. 

We also made ice cream from Bessie's milk for the big party. 

 Because this is a very special day, this also happened.  A whole herd of chicks hatched, just to honor the birthday boy.

Speaking of honoring. Here is to the true neglector.  Neglecting knitting (OK, blocking) daily.

Side note: only soaked for four hours. I just couldn't do it. It is cold outside. I need my sweaters... Preferably dry.


  1. I am so pleased that both little boys had a wonderful time this week! I love to see them growing,

  2. Love all the birthday pictures. And I could learn a thing or two about responsible blocking from you :)

  3. Happy late birthday Jacob! <3<3<3