Sunday, April 26, 2015

Racing the battery

I have mere minutes before my phone battery dies, but I had to post something so entirely creepy that it is keeping me up at night. If I am up at night, I want good company. You are good company.

In preparation for my wonderful brother and his family to arrive, I swept the hall. And I found this:
I have never seen it before. I have no idea how she got in my house. I am pretty sure she couldn't walk. Not with that leg anyway, right??  If her nails were bloody I would assume she dragged herself here from some Chucky set.

In other news, all those chicks previously mentioned?? 
I put twenty of them here. (Or made the oldest put them there) and put a few under another hen.

Next I intend to put some here:

That is true lazy chicken farming. Yes, indeed.

Also, did I mention that my big brother just arrived and will now be living here with his family??? I am so very giddy. My brother and I are very close. Peas in a pod. He knows me well enough that he came bearing gifts. 

Yum!!! Seriously, about my fav thing.


  1. Khy did it. I just know it. Dolls=Khy. Always. And also...that white fluffy creature that slightly resembles a hen of sorts...needs a new hairstylist ;) feather stylist? Whatevs.... <3<3<3

  2. Dolls in general creep me out, so the mystery doll is super creepy. I might not sleep tonight. Thank you for that. And pickled sausage sounds amazing. Now I want some.