Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I need yarn

Because you can never have enough yarn. It is a fact.

But right now what I want to do is knit this:
Into this:gift wrap romper

Which it just so happens is written for worsted weight, and the above yarn is fingering. Math I must do.   
Because I knit it in worsted and it looks like this:

(PS that is a large, green baby bump that made its way into the picture somehow)
And this:
Which is this:

Which is the yarn I talked about that I fell totally in love with, and finally went back to purchase. But then I knit it. And I hate it. The pattern was absolutely delicious though. Extremely well written. Probably one of the best patterns I have ever used. It took me an afternoon to knit, and even though the yarn turned out to be evil, the knitting was divine. 

And when I finished I knit this:

Which is a slouchy hat that my daughter was going to knit. She got frustrated by row two, so I took over. I rather enjoyed it. I knit it while camping in my favorite little spot. 

This spot. So much beauty in one spot. These are a little pair of pants for the baby boy that we hope will be coming home the start of next year. 

In non-kniting news:

Today while I was in the shower my ten year old came in all excited because he had found this:

In my hallway. 

Just acting all friendly and cozy. It is a good thing I kind of love cat face spiders. I have since I was a little girl. Still, outside is a preferable space for them to live. 

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